Brookwood Atlanta Civic Association

Dear Brookwood Civic Association Neighbors and Friends,

A lot good has happened….As the new president of the Brookwood Civic Association, my colleagues, Joseph Ibrahim, Pat Tate and Angelle Hamilton send greetings.  This Association has grown and matured for almost a decade now.  It was just a short time ago when we gathered the first time to discuss plans for beginning a neighborhood association.  A lot good has happened since then.

It requires efforts of many….Our efforts require many – the more the better – of us working together.  We make good use of volunteers, and there is always room for several more.  None of our jobs are hard, but they are important.  We need your support, encouragement and energy.

We also need your financial support….It is that time of year to renew our membership again – or join for the first time!  Your financial support is what enables many things to happen.  In the next several days membership information will be distributed at your doorways.  Please take a few minutes to read the accomplishments of the last few years ….and then join our effort.