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Moving to Brookwood, Here are Some Important Phone Numbers

If you are looking for a new place to stay in Atlanta, it pays to look into the best neighborhoods in the area. This is a thriving, bustling city that is constantly on the rise when it comes to business and real estate. It is for this reason that the Brookwood area provides an excellent opportunity for you, whether you are looking to rent or buy. In order to plot your next plans for a place to stay, you should read on and learn as much as you can about Brookwood and why it is the place to be.

Where is Brookwood?

In terms of geographical locations, Brookwood is located in southern Atlanta, close to the Buckhead area. This is one of the southernmost areas of this large city and has a number of properties available within it. This neighborhood is often mistaken for Brookwood Hills, which is a neighborhood in the Eastern most portion of the city. Brookwood is surrounded by two interstates– Interstate 75 and Interstate 85. Some important streets that run through Brookwood include Peachtree Road and Brookwood Hills.

What infrastructure is available in the Brookwood neighborhood of Atlanta?

In terms of infrastructure, you can take advantage of the belt line transportation system. This is a multi-use train system which will allow you to get around as needed. It is a mixture of streetcars and light rails, which is continuously being developed by the city planning department in order to keep vehicles off the road in Atlanta, reducing traffic exponentially and allowing residents of the city to find their way around whenever they need to. This will be useful if you work in a different part of town and would like to prevent some miles from accumulating on your automobile.

Here are some important phone numbers beside the police, ambulance and fire department that you might need if you live in the area: For any plumbing emergency in the Brookwood neighborhood, then Mr. Rooter plumbing of Atlanta at 770-285-5709 can resolve your issue. Heavy rains and storms are not uncommon in Brookwood, so if for some unfortunate circumstances you need a flood water extraction and cleanup service, then 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta are the folks to call. You can get them at 678-506-7132 at any time of the day or night. If this sever weather has damaged your roof, you may call Mr. Roofer on 770-212-2081 to get a quick fix or new installation of your leaking or damaged roof.

I will adding some more numbers over time, but the above are some of the most common emergencies.

What kind of real estate opportunities are available in the Brookwood area?

One of the biggest perks of considering this area is that you have plenty of opportunities to get your money’s worth out of the real estate market. Whether you are a young and up-and-coming professional looking to purchase a condo or a family person looking to acquire your dream home, this area has something for you. For instance, real estate listings indicate that it is very possible to get a real estate property with 2 to 3 bedrooms and up to three bathrooms for anywhere between $240,000-$300,000. At the same time, there are higher-end properties with plenty of square footage and bedrooms for $800,000 to nearly $2 million. Regardless of what sort of property you are looking into, you will be able to shop with a real estate professional who can give you the lay of the land and allow you to find a Brookwood property that will suit your lifestyle and your needs.

Consider these points of information and use them as you look to consider the Brookwood area as an Atlanta area that will be suitable for you and for your lifestyle.

Brookwood Atlanta Civic Association

Dear Brookwood Civic Association Neighbors and Friends,

A lot good has happened….As the new president of the Brookwood Civic Association, my colleagues, Joseph Ibrahim, Pat Tate and Angelle Hamilton send greetings.  This Association has grown and matured for almost a decade now.  It was just a short time ago when we gathered the first time to discuss plans for beginning a neighborhood association.  A lot good has happened since then.

It requires efforts of many….Our efforts require many – the more the better – of us working together.  We make good use of volunteers, and there is always room for several more.  None of our jobs are hard, but they are important.  We need your support, encouragement and energy.

We also need your financial support….It is that time of year to renew our membership again – or join for the first time!  Your financial support is what enables many things to happen.  In the next several days membership information will be distributed at your doorways.  Please take a few minutes to read the accomplishments of the last few years ….and then join our effort.